Jan And Gen

Words based on the root GEN
1. Genarch: A head of family
2. Gender: Belonging to one or another sex
3. Gene: A part of cell passed from a parent/family to a child
4. Genealogy: The study of families
5. Genealogist: One who studies families
6. General: Concerning all kinds
7. Generation: Belonging to the same kind of age
8. Generic: Relating to a group/kind of things
9. Genesis: The origin or birth of something
10. Genetics: The study of how characteristics passed from one generation to another
11. Genocline: A change of character/kind across a geographical area as a result from the gene flow
12. Genotype: The inherited characteristics from one’s ancestors or families
13. Genre: A particular kind in literature, music or art
14. Genus: A general kind of something
15. Degeneration: the process of decline or of getting from a higher to a lower kind
16. Homogeneous: Belonging to the same kind
17. Heterogeneous: Belonging to different kinds
18. Progeny: The offspring of a person, animal or plant

Words based on root JAN
1. Jamasthami: Apperance day of  Lord Krishna
2. Aja: Unborn
3. Dvija: Twice born
4. Janma: birth
5. udbhijja: birth by seed
6. andaja: birth by egg
7. jaräyuja:birth by embryo
8. svedaja: birth by sweat
9. manava janma: human birth
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